Instant Classic

Posted by Derek on June-14-2010

The Hundreds release their All Black Classic Adam Fitted to select retailers

C Fitted

Posted by Derek on June-12-2010

New Hats from the Crooks


Posted by Derek on June-16-2010

Deadline and Diamond collab available at Me Phi

5.29.2010 Part II

Posted by Derek on June-07-2010

Part II of MePhi x Regne Presents Dom Kennedy

Lady Crooks

Posted by Derek on June-05-2010

Crooks Sum 10 for the ladies now available at Me Phi

Parental Advisory

Posted by Derek on July-01-2010

10 Deep Summer 2010 brings some Brooklyn Style to MePhi

Happy Halloween

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Stay smart, safe, and happy tonight everybody!

Jedi Mind Tricks

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Jay Z and Alicia Keys hit up Yankee Stadium to perform 'Empire State of Mind' live for Game 2 of the World Series.

And I'm thoroughly convinced that this ish was the extra fuel in the Yankee tank during Game 2.

Now - I rep Jersey because that's where I was raised, but I was born in Center City Philadelphia so you know who I was silently crying for when one of my friends was posting 'Who's Your Daddy?!?!?!" all over Facebook last night.

Where's OUR theme song, Philadelphia? Call up Journey and their Steve Perry v2.0 so we can blast 'em with some 'Eye of the Tiger' SOMETHING.

It's either that or I avoid all forms of social networking until this thing is over.

All Black Everything

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I saw this over on the Hellz blog and I was instantly smitten.

How do you 'Vogue' out a simple pumpkin?

Carve your gourd:

Bedazzle the hell out of it:

Black it out:

How awesome would this look with a red light inside???

If Cinderella's carriage had looked like this, that story would've gone in a whole other direction.

One Kitty That Just Keeps On Kicking

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Dimepiece's 'Nine Lives' collection just landed at Me Phi.

This offering is titled, “Nine Lives,” which is an all black and white range representing a “conceptual metaphor for the right to interchange your role in any way you please.” Playing off the brands motto, kitten with claws DimePiece describes “Nine Lives” as another installment to their ever-evolving and inceasing line based based around female empowerment and an ode to change.

Don't fuss around and miss a chance to get your claws on some of this. Dimepiece's take-no-prisoners attitude and 'women first' design aethetic is bound to makes these pieces instant classics.

Rocksmith Tokyo

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New drop from the homies at Rocksmith. Included in the collection is the Checkpoint Flannel and a couple fresh tee's. The Checkpoint has a nice soft feel as well as subtle details that set it apart from other flannels we've seen. Come by the shop to check it out!

Checkpoint Flannel - Blue
Checkpoint Flannel - Black
Slumdog Tee/Rolls Rock Tee

Biting the Core from the Apple

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Considering the people and inspiration behind many of the brands we carry, issues like New York's potential rezoning of the Garment District hit rather close to home. Yesterday, led by designer Nanette Lepore, hundreds of Union Workers, fashion students and designers turned out yesterday in an effort to force Mayer Bloomberg to commit to the preservation of the Garment District before the mayoral elections in November.

  Now, you might be thinking ' This is a streetwear blog for a streetwear store. WTF does this have to do with the "Garment District"?' Here lies the crux of the issue:

“The fashion district is facing extinction, and small factories are being lost to developers.Without it, young designers cannot get their start in New York City.”
- Nanette Lepore to

  Streetwear IS small factories/business and it's built on the dreams and drive of young designers. A lot of our favorite brands started with some antique machine in someone's kitchen or bedroom and without the cultural/industry foundation that the Garment District represents a lot of them would never have made it. So in honor of small brands, small businesses and big dreams I hope Bloomberg comes to his senses and realizes that the Garment District does more for Manhattan than more condos or another tourist trap ever could.

2010 Done Right

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Lady La of The Fresh Fiends put together this calendar to raise money for an Austism Foundation here in the Valley. Half the value of each calendar sold is being donated towards the cause. Her family has been directly affected by the disorder - her youngest brother, Derrick, lives with the complications of Autism each and every day. From La's site:

Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills. Most parents of autistic children suspect that something is wrong by the time the child is 18 months old. Some children appear normal from ages 1 to 2 then suddenly “regress” and lose language and social skills they had previously gained, like MY brother. To say this condition has changed my life and my family’s life is an understatement. The numbers are increasing EVERY year with children who are diagnosed. All of these children require hundreds of therapy hours, thousands of dollars in vitamins, and thousands of dollars in dietary needs in order to be somewhat recovered, there is no cure.

You can help La support this worthy cause by going here and purchasing one of the calendars today.


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A couple styles from Clae's fall collection just arrived at the shop.

Russell - Black Patent
Russell - White Patent
Russell - Charcoal Grey

All the World's a Birthday Cake....

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...and these two are tryna eat the whole thing!

Happy Birthday to Me-Phi's father figures, as it were - Derek Bourque and Javon Walker.

Varsity Sweater

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Amongst Friends just dropped this dope Varsity Sweater. We only received 4 so get at us quick if you wanna grab one.

Varsity Sweater - front
Varsity Sweater - back


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Penfield, established in 1975, has built a reputation for making the highest quality fleece and outerwear. They've just released their Winter collection for 2009 and we've received a couple of their flannels. Check em out below.

Chatham - White
Chatham - Red
Chatham - Green
Peabody Button Down

Proud To Be A Problem

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New goods from the fam at 10 Deep. It's finally starting to cool down out here in AZ and we're beginning to receive more jackets, hoodies, long-sleeve tee's, etc. 10 Deep's cut & sew line is on point and these pieces are sure to move fast so get at us!

Lumbering Jack
Sticker Attack L/S
Slow N Steady Tee
Paddington Plus Jacket

Cubannie Links X Honey Magazine

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Honey Magazine interview the one and only Ms. Annie Basulto regarding her passion for the business, her drive to succeed, and what it feels like to know you make some of the hottest pieces in the women's accessory game.

I really love accessories. I don’t really know where it came from. My parents are big collectors of stuff so I was always used to going to flea markets and looking at things. It was always fun to look through stuff and find that thing you like in the bottom of a barrel. One of my favorite things to do was, from junior high school on I would go to Wet Seal and go crazy in their accessories section. I would buy sh*t that I’d never wear. I really had an obsession. Plus, jewelry is fun. It’s open. You don’t have to worry about seasons, going out of style and all that annoying talk.

And Annie's got some words of wisdom for anyone out there trying to make dollars out of dreams in today's day and age.

For anyone that wants to pursue a passion, do whatever makes you happy. I wasn’t happy, and if you’re not happy in one place it’s going to trickle down to everything else in your life. Make a change, and if you really want to do something different then work on it, figure it out and just try to do it. Owning your own business is going to be the thing of the future. If you can make money off of it then study it and figure it out because in the end, it will be a great payoff.

Well said, Annie!

Head over to the Honey Mag for the rest of the interview

Authentic Shit

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Hellz comes correct with their Fall II Collection "Midnight Riders" and Me-Phi has got you covered. Per the lady geniuses themselves:

We are super excited and very pleased to present the collection ‘Midnight Riders,’ photographed by Brooke Nipar for our Fall 2009 2nd Delivery. By utilizing dark themes found in the iconic 80’s flick ‘Mad Max’, ‘Midnight Riders’ aims to represent the ideology of the subversive in not only fact and fiction, but fashion as well.


Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

The Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle

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In the Middle of the Night...

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Hellz Fall II collection 'Midnight Riders' just hit the racks at Me-Phi. Stay tuned for pics!

Pssssssssst! We didn't forget about the fellas! New 10 Deep fresh from the shrink wrap and ready to be worn.


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If any of you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you will receive 15% off any purchase between now and October 17th. If you follow us on both sites then you get 25% off! The sale applies to everything in the store and is also good for phone orders.



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