Instant Classic

Posted by Derek on June-14-2010

The Hundreds release their All Black Classic Adam Fitted to select retailers

C Fitted

Posted by Derek on June-12-2010

New Hats from the Crooks


Posted by Derek on June-16-2010

Deadline and Diamond collab available at Me Phi

5.29.2010 Part II

Posted by Derek on June-07-2010

Part II of MePhi x Regne Presents Dom Kennedy

Lady Crooks

Posted by Derek on June-05-2010

Crooks Sum 10 for the ladies now available at Me Phi

Parental Advisory

Posted by Derek on July-01-2010

10 Deep Summer 2010 brings some Brooklyn Style to MePhi

Johnny Cupcakes

Posted by Derek On Friday, March 05, 2010

Last night some friends and I attended a Johnny Cupcakes lecture on ASU campus. Never thought a 4 hour speech would be something I enjoyed but Johnny's story is simply amazing. The advice he shared was priceless and I think I can speak for everyone when I say the lecture was inspirational. Big thanks to Johnny for coming out and sharing his time and knowledge.

Special shout out to our girl Jenay for organizing the event and allowing us to be involved. The turnout was great and the event was a huge success!

For more on Johnny and his brand go to -
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