Instant Classic

Posted by Derek on June-14-2010

The Hundreds release their All Black Classic Adam Fitted to select retailers

C Fitted

Posted by Derek on June-12-2010

New Hats from the Crooks


Posted by Derek on June-16-2010

Deadline and Diamond collab available at Me Phi

5.29.2010 Part II

Posted by Derek on June-07-2010

Part II of MePhi x Regne Presents Dom Kennedy

Lady Crooks

Posted by Derek on June-05-2010

Crooks Sum 10 for the ladies now available at Me Phi

Parental Advisory

Posted by Derek on July-01-2010

10 Deep Summer 2010 brings some Brooklyn Style to MePhi

Southern Hospitality

Posted by Derek On Monday, June 15, 2009
Once a year Javon throws a crawfish boil in our hometown of Lafayette, LA. The cookout is a big event so anyone and everyone is welcome to come by. This year there were fun jumps and a magic show for the kids, food for everyone, a fashion show, and our homie Cupid performed a couple songs from his album. We didn't get much footage b/c everyone was too busy eating to take pics, lol. I did record a lil bit from Cupid and DJ Chill's set but it's a lil's not easy trying to film and dance at the same time.
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